Many people have asked us “Where are you registered?” and “What kind of toaster do you want? The fancy red one or the 4-slice mega one for quick breadmaking??”

Well, to be honest, we weren’t originally going to register anywhere.  Mostly because we’ve already lived together for years and we’re happy to say we have everything a house could need.  Also, James is Italian — and per Italian tradition, most people give money, or jars of homemade pasta sauce.  If you’re really lucky, there’s pasta sauce with money meatballs.

But we did want we did register somewhere, for those who can’t cook money meatballs.  We went with a Honeyfund to help us out with our Honeymoon adventure in Iceland!

Yes, Iceland.  We’re taking a road trip around the most sparsely populated country in Europe.  Romantic, isn’t it?

For more details about our trip and our Honeyfund, click here!